Hoyt Homes Inc. gives the highest recommendations to our clients for Counter Solutions. They consistently deliver superior quality in materials and service for all countertops. We have worked with Counter Solutions for more than eight years and have appreciated their responsiveness to our requests for product information, estimates, and scheduling. Our clients give high ratings to Counter Solutions ability to work with them as they chose products, design their spaces and work within their budgets. They also provide expert advice for complex designs and immediate follow-up when changes are repairs need to be made. We are certain you will have an exceptional experience when you choose Counter Solutions to work with you on your next home or commercial project.

Wade Hoyt, Hoyt Homes, Inc.

As a highly reputable company, it is imperative that those who we do business with adhere to our strict standards. With Counter Solutions, our clients are guaranteed to be satisfied from the time they make their selections until long after they have moved into their new home.

David Edgell, Edgell Homes

The crew at Counter Solutions has consistently provided my projects with excellent service. I know I can depend on them every time. Counter Solutions is a tremendous resource for my business.

Page Goode, Make Room Design

I have used Counter Solutions for many projects over the years, including my own at home. Counter solutions is always very timely bidding projects and completing on site work. Their installations have all gone smoothly. If there are any minor challenges on job site, they have been taken care of quickly. I look forward to more business in the future.

Jill Manlove, Jill Manlove Design

Counter Solutions is a diversified counter top manufacturer located in beautiful Missoula, Montana since 1989. We offer counter top products for every application and for every budget, commercial and residential, new and remodel.

Phone: 406-721-0260 Address: 12080 North Highway. 93 Missoula, MT 59808